Tips and advice

To get the most from your lesson it's necessary to do the following:

Keep warm before class.

Do not use moisturiser or tanning lotions on the day of the lesson! It makes the pole difficult to grip for both you and others.

Wear shorts and a vest top. Body contact with the pole is imperative for maximum grip.

Trainers are advisable at Bronze or Silver levels, we do not recommend heels.

Grip aid will be supplied, however should you wish to have your own, try: mighty grip, Itac, dry hands (All sold in our online store)

Bring a towel and plenty of water, you will need it!

Try not to eat an hour or so before class, especially at the higher levels when you'll be inverting!

Always arrive on time, the first ten to fifteen minutes of class are for warm up to prevent injuries.

Do not wear rings or jewellery, again it will prevent you from gripping the pole.

Always be honest with your instructor if you have any injuries that may be aggravated by excercise.

Have FUN!