"How many are there to a pole?"
We guarantee a maximum of three to a pole in an hours class, however none but the fittest and most advanced pole dancers would manage more than five minutes without a break, so you'll have more than enough pole time to feel the benefits!
“Do I need to use my block booking on consecutive weeks?”
Nope, however you must use your 4 lessons within 8 weeks.
“Can I use my block booking lessons for more than once a week?”
Of course you can. If your second class is on the same night, it costs £5 instead of full price.
“What’s the cancellation policy?”
We require a minimum of 24 hours before the booked class for cancellations. Unfortunately, any late cancellations will be counted as attended and is chargeable from your block booking, no exceptions, that enables us to have controlled number of students per pole to prevent over or under booking.
“What’s the minimum age for me to join classes?”
The minimum age required to join our sessions is 16 years old.

“Is there a maximum age?”
Nope, so long as you have no medical conditions that could be aggravated by taking part in our pole dance lessons.

“Do I need dance skills to join the classes?”
Nope. Total beginners are welcome, as you’ll learn dance moves as well as pole tricks.
“Do I need to be skinny to join?”
Absolutely not, all shapes and sizes are welcome, people have the misconception that you need to be a certain shape and size to be able to pole dance.
“I don’t have any upper body strength. Will I be able to pull myself up on the pole?”
Who has upper body strength before taking pole-dancing lessons? No ballerinas can get on their tiptoes on day one. You’ll get stronger and you’ll learn basic moves at first.
“I can’t do sexy. Can I pole dance?”
Of course you can, pole dance is a freestyle dance around the pole, it can be sexy, street, balletic or your own style!

“I work shifts and can’t make it every week. Can I still join?”
Of course you can, in this case, pay as you go may be the best option for you.